Here are some pictures from our summer holidays in August 2010. We travelled slowly to Lake Garda in Italy and stayed at 7 campsites in 3 countries throughout the trip. First near Calais, then next to the Moselle, then in Lauterbrunen, Switzerland, then to Italy, back via Annecy, a Dutch campsite in France and finally one in Normandy at the other side of the Channel.

rockyartandalittleheart_small.jpg buttmaker_small.jpg staubbachwaterfall_small.jpg switserland_small.jpg
crazy_small.jpg aaahhh_small.jpg littleiris_small.jpg summerinthemountains_small.jpg
trummelbachfalls_small.jpg verywet_small.jpg alotofstairs_small.jpg the10thone_small.jpg
waitingforthebus_small.jpg lagodigarda_small.jpg someoneforsomenutella_small.jpg verona_small.jpg
ciaobellas_small.jpg scooters_small.jpg romeojulia_small.jpg littlecar_small.jpg
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